Don’t know what’s up

I don’t know what is up with my stomach and the pain in my side.  The hospital ruled out my gall bladder then didn’t seem worried enough to want to pursue it with more tests.  I can be sitting, standing, walking or driving – the pain doesn’t seem to have a pattern or a certain stressors.  I can be perfectly fine one second and in pain the next.  I suppose I have strained something but it irritates me I don’t know for sure.

Wasn’t feeling well at work last night – seemed to be running to the bathroom every few minutes thinking I was going to throw up.  Managed to not do that but it felt touch and go there for a bit.  Can I mention, probably for the second or third time, how totally exhausted I am?

Actually, I think I am going to head for bed now and worry about writing more on this when I get up.


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