Short Stories

I think I’ve pretty much decided to do a book of short stories for NANO this year.  I’ve been debating it and decided it sounded more plausible.  I will try to write one short story a day so I end up with 30 for the book.  There are enough things going on around me that I think would make good short stories so topics will be easy enough.

Was trying to figure out a theme because one has to have a theme for a short stories book.  Have decided to come up with a sentence and then every short story has to have that sentence in it somewhere.  I’m going to (surprise, surprise) make it a book on scary stories in honor of Halloween (plus I like writing scary stories so that worked out well).

If all goes well, maybe I’ll write a few more – one in honor of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and a children’s one in honor of my son’s birthday.  I’m feeling the bees rumbling with excitement in my stomach so think the idea is pretty solid.  I already have several story ideas lined up for the Halloween one.  🙂

I love to write!!! Oh, if any of you are on – please vote for my horror contest short story entry starting on 10/2.  🙂


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