Good Start

First movie is done – second is in – and I have 9 things on my list done already! I’m alternating between the stuff I really hate like sweeping the ceiling to things that are easy like filling the fish tank.

Next I plan to dust then clean the bathroom.  The worse task on my list is vacuuming – over the bathroom, cleaning out the refrigerator or clean the litter box.  I hate vacuuming and wish I had one of those little robots to do it for me but they cost over $300 so fat chance of that.  Why do I hate it so much? I don’t know – maybe it is having to empty the canister, I feel so dirty after messing with it.  I usually have to empty it twice – sometimes three times and I feel so yuck afterwards.  If I had a vacuum that had bags that only had to be emptied once or twice a month & keeps all the stuff contained, that would be different.  I need to buy myself a new vacuum & will after Christmas sometime.

I think this is the one I will buy – I’ve been checking into them and this one seems like it would do well.  It is a Hoover canister vacuum that costs around $155 at Sears.  I liked a Kenmore there too (it was orange!) but it had far less customer satisfaction than this one.


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