Animal Updates

Today I found out some very sad and upsetting news from Ely, MN.  It seems a hunter “accidentally” shot Hope the bear and killed her.  It makes me so angry but incredibly sad too.  They won’t release the name of the hunter – apparently it was an honest mistake.  Still, the rest of us lose a beautiful bear to watch on our webcams.  It breaks my heart.  They have not yet found her body or been able to identify her from reported bear deaths during hunting season.

Learning of her death (OMG she was such a beautiful bear!) has lessened the joy of the other two events – both in San Diego.

There is a new baby elephant born to Umngani just this morning.  I am sure we will be seeing him/her around the paddock in the next day or two as they tend to put them into the herd almost immediately.  In fact, several babies are born while out amongst the herd.  I know s/he will be adorable.

In the polar bear realm, we are once again crossing our fingers for Chinook who may also be pregnant with deliver sometime in October or early November.  We have been hoping for every Fall and once again she shows all the signs to being with cub(s).  It would be really awesome if she was…especially in light of losing our sweet Hope.  Granted, Hope was a black bear but any bear into the world is a joyous occasion.

The lions/tigers cameras are down and it is dark where the wolves are so I don’t have any further updates on them.


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