Lovin it

Though I worked a 10 hour shift last night, I was the first choice to stay over another 8 hours when the day shift person called in sick.  I actually ended up only having to stay 7 because the other day shift person and our supervisor agreed to let me go home an hour early. 

I got home around 3:40, walked the dogs until a little after four then decided to try to get some sleep.  Before I could lay down I needed to drink some milk to try to offset my intense heartburn.  While pouring it the glass spilled over so I spent the next twenty minutes cleaning up that mess.  I was laughing so hard I was near hysterics – the dogs left the kitchen area in fear of the hyena they thought was their roommate.

Finally got laid down around five or so – woke around 6:30 and again 8:00 to go to the potty but otherwise slept through till 9 pm.  My wonderful coworker agreed to stay till 11pm (she was to get off at 9) so I could have those extra hours for sleeping.  No way could I be back here for another eight hours if I had only had two hours of sleep.

Not really sure what will happen tomorrow if the day shift person is still sick – I’m not sure what she has but another coworker was diagnosed with strep today.  My coworker tonight will have to stay but tomorrow is her daughter’s picture day at school so she was supposed to do her hair and help her get ready.  Ugh!!


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