Waiting on Wednesday

Finished the book Psycho and am now waiting on Haunting of Hill House.  I did buy “The Mountain Between Us” so need to read that as well.

My massive book buying days are becoming numbered as other financial concerns take priority but I know I will never be able to stop buying them altogether.  My trick is to get a gift card each month with my spending limit (I have several cards I just add money too).  I use this for all my purchases and when it is gone, it is gone.

Wellllll….almost.  Because I have a backup card where I put “emergency book funds” each month just in case I start going through withdrawals.  As you can imagine, I use it every month…I’m an addict, I admit it.

Have a small list going of books to buy when I get paid on Saturday.  There isn’t many which isn’t only because I shouldn’t spend the money but also because I couldn’t find ones I wanted to own to put on the list.   This isn’t because there is a lack of good material but more because I’ve been so busy planning my NANO book that I haven’t spent a lot of time perusing the book sites.


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