The Mountain Between Us

OK, I’ve had two and a half hours of sleep so let me give this book a shot.

Good: I liked the flow of the story and the detail Charles goes into about the storm followed by the plane crash.  The present part of the book – rather than when he talks in a recorder to his wife – are my favorite.  Tank, the dog, was adorable – I think Bennie could survive like this if snowbound up on a mountain somewhere…he is a terrier terror.  The chemistry between the two main characters built up slowly so that was more believable than having it happen in the first sixty pages.  Ashley is a trooper and Ben is pragmatic.  They both refuse to give up though there are a few times when one or the other reaches their limit only to find they have more perseverance than they thought.  Loved the survival parts of the book.

Bad: One had to ask themselves quickly in the story is why is he talking to his wife about their meeting, falling in love, getting pregnant, etc.  Of all the things he could be saying to this woman he loves and might not see again – why that?  Also, it was sooooo handy that Ashley plane wrecked with not only a mountaineer but also a surgeon – I hope I’m that lucky if I ever crash.  Plus, thank goodness, he had all his mountaineering tools with him – none of it got lost when the plane got flung to the ground in the deep snow.

But I reminded myself that it is sort of a love story so the author doesn’t want to spend pages and pages to describe how they fumble around trying to make what they need.

The adventure parts and descriptions of the area are excellent which is what prompts me to give it an “A”.  I recommend it to others and plan on buying a copy to circulate around work if anyone wants to read it.  The book “Missing” is on its final person in dispatch so they will be looking for a new story to read.  Great book – I might even have to buy a copy for my sister.


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