Teaser Tuesday

The teasers for today appropriately come from the following book:

I have to admit, I laughed at the following and thought of Daniel, my GPS guy:

Pg 14: She was lying.  In horror, Justin realised she was lying.  She wanted him to get back in the car so he could drive off the tracks – even though that would put him in danger.  She was saying it because there was no way for her to leave the car.  For it to leave the car.  The GPS wanted him to risk his life so it wouldn’t get damaged.

pg 34: What Martin had no way of knowing was that Elfirda wasn’t in bed, or even in the cottage, but instead had been tending her cow in the barn, for it had injured its foot.  Nor did he see her come up behind him and bend to pick a rock up off the ground.  The last thing he heard was her crackly voice muttering, “Drat, I killed you once and pushed your body in the stream to rid myself of you.  Why would I want to say good-bye again?”

Some of the stories are good, some aren’t the least bit scary.  My favorite so far is the GPS one – that was a hoot.


Duma Key

Duma Key is starting to slow down and is getting rather wordy – I hope this trend doesn’t continue through the rest of the book because I have several hundred pages left to read.

Was going to take the book outside to read for a while in the sun but the dogs didn’t want to go out – don’t know what is up with that, normally they are chomping at the bit to sit outside.  So I went for a drive instead – it was very relaxing.  I don’t know why I feel so exhausted still – I took a three hour nap.

Anyway – back to the book.  I will keep reading it as it has a lot of details about Duma Key which happens to be near Sarasota, FL…my previous home.  I don’t feel homesick for the place unless I start reading about the beaches, the seagulls, boats, and what not.  But oh well – I don’t know that I will ever go down there again though it would be nice at some point.  Colorado is my new point of interest though it doesn’t have the ocean.

It’s Monday, what are you reading?

This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!

OK, I’m still working on:

The book is about a successful man who owns his own construction company.  He is a multi-millionaire and thinks he has it all.  Then a construction accident practically steals his life away – he is permanently disabled, his wife leaves him, he is angry all the time, and his once perfect life is in shambles.  I haven’t gotten very far yet but I have to say, it is good so far.

I can’t imagine how it would be to go from being on the top of the world to being on the bottom of Satan’s heel but I would probably be a lot like this man – angry, abusive, and feeling like my life was over.  He doesn’t have the luxury of having his wife of over 20 years standing by him – she abandons him when things get too rough.

He is going to Duma Key to try to piece his life together again when he finds he has a knack for drawing.  His canvas’, according to Goodreads, take on a life of their own and soon he realizes he is possessed.  I haven’t gotten to that part yet so can’t vouch for it.

So far this is vintage Stephen King – the Stephen King before the accident that rewired him to a more normal state, much to the chagrin of his fans.   🙂


YA Vault

This meme is hosted by Short and Sweet in an effort to showcase some YA novels that have been forgotten or glanced over. So many of us in the YA book blogging community concentrate on the newer releases but
sometimes it’s okay to go back to the older stuff too. Rules are simple:
1.  The book MUST be a YA book (hence the name).
 2.  The book has to be at least one year older than the date you post it (meaning today’s books have to be
published earlier than October 2010)

I finished “Waiting on Helen” this past week which was an old ghost story – I didn’t realize how old until Jade from Chasing Empty Pavements told me.  🙂

Also I read the following book and have to say, I didn’t realize it was as old as it was either.  The re-publish date was 2011 so I thought it was new until I read that it was available in paperback in 1990.  It seems the new format (Nook book) is what made it come out on the “New Releases” list.  I got it from Netgalley which is another reason I thought it was new – I thought they only put out for review new books.  Live and learn I guess.

Both books were well worth reading – giving me a new perspective of YA books.  🙂

Duma Key

I have decided to read Duma Key by Stephen King before I read the other books.  Yes, I know it is long but it does sound good and I’ve been meaning to read it for over a year now.  I actually bought it when it came out new in 2008 so guess it has been longer than that!!!

Goodreads describes it as:

Six months after a crane crushes his pickup truck and his body self-made millionaire Edgar Freemantle launches into a new life. His wife asked for a divorce after he stabbed her with a plastic knife and tried to strangle her one-handed (he lost his arm and for a time his rational brain in the accident). He divides his wealth into four equal parts for his wife, his two daughters, himself and leaves Minnesota for Duma Key, a stunningly beautiful, eerily remote stretch of the Florida coast where he has rented a house. All of the land on Duma Key, and the few houses, are owned by Elizabeth Eastlake, an octogenarian whose tragic and mysterious past unfolds perilously. When Edgar begins to paint, his formidable talent seems to come from someplace outside him, and the paintings, many of them, have a power that cannot be controlled.