Corona Light

I have to say, my Corona Light tastes very good tonight – I may have to have another before moving on to wine coolers.

Had a nice lunch with my son and am home again now.  Wish I had cable so I could watch football but I guess I will have to get over that.  Absolutely nothing sounds good to watch so guess I’ll read for a while after I write some more on the short story I’m doing for a contest.

Read King’s novelette “81” again – I need to get some more so I can get an idea of how they work: what is the average length, what sells the best, and character development.

Don’t know anything to really write about – have a few things to do yet this evening before it gets too late to make any noise (vacuum).  Am cleaning the kitchen now and then will do the bathroom – woo hoo.

Am terribly stuffed up after following a pickup truck that kept spewing white dust back into my car the entire way home.  My eyes are watering and can’t breathe from my nose – took an allergy pill an hour ago –  might have to take another here in a few minutes.  Ugh.


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