Well, Friday’s are hard to figure out – not much in the literary world goes with Friday.  Fictional Friday is one I thought about but you know, every day is a fictional one for me so that doesn’t really seem to work.

So what to write about on Frightful Friday.  Let’s discuss books and movies for a minute.  I am reading The Lake by Richard Laymon and so far it is rather good.  It is about a woman who went out with a young man when she was 18.  They had sex and then someone grabbed the man and murdered him before her eyes.  She found she was pregnant and has a daughter.  The book picks up when her daughter turns 18 and is out on a date.  A madman stalks her then follows the couple out into the woods where he kills the boyfriend but the girl gets away.

The similarities in the two cases, though 18 years apart, is too much to be a coincidence.  Who is doing this? Her mother and her continue to be hunted by this person.  I’m only on page 46 of 366 pages so I know there is a lot more to the whole story.

Netgalley did give me another book to read – “The Lost Goddess” so I will try to read that in the next couple weeks too.

So many books to read!!! My Goodreads “To-Read” list is getting longer and longer!! I love it!  I’ve already read 65 books towards my 75 book challenge for the year.


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. why are you suddenly becoming a person who suddenly is talking about nothing but books?
    Not liking it at all!

  2. I dunno – guess because nothing in my life changes and rather than dwell on what I don’t like, I think about books.

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