The Elephant in the Room

I see the elephant in the room but choose to ignore it because maybe if I ignore it, it will go away to bother someone else.  Yes, chances of that are paper-thin but so is the doorway between Earth’s atmosphere and the rest of the galaxy yet the astronauts managed to hit it every time…so paper thin does not mean impossible.

To keep myself busy while waiting for news, I think I will go get the stuff I need to make a pineapple upside down cake.  I have just about everything already so a quick trip to the store will secure the rest.

The power went off at 7 am – I was up already, having gotten up at 6:15 thanks to the dogs.  Amazing how much we rely on electricity.  I kept flicking on lights so I could see only to still be shrouded in darkness.  Thankfully I had already showered because I would’ve been freaked to have the power go off while shut in the bathroom – it would have been pitch dark in there.

Went out to check the mail and our resident assistant stopped me to ask about the power.  I told her mine was also off and that I had reported it to Alliant already.  She was thrilled about that because residents kept calling her to find out what was going on.  I heard the entire town – at least east of 965 was out.  Enough sirens went off to make me believe a car accident took out a transformer or something.

So today is all about waiting.  It reminds me of Dr Seuss’s poem on waiting – I know I have already shared it on here at least once so I will save you from having it written out again as it is quite long.


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