Trick or Treat Review

Goodreads describes this book as:

Martha knew there was something evil about the house she was moving into. It was so cold…and creepy. And it wasn’t just the house that was giving her a weird feeling. Martha was sure someone was following her…watching her every move.

Then the practical jokes began–the scarecrow with the carving knife in its head, the fire. And the phone calls: ‘Trick or Treat, Martha…you’re dead.’

It was October, but these were no Halloween tricks. Someone would be coming home this year with more than just a bag of treats. And Martha was the prize.
Trick or Treat”

Started this book earlier then couldn’t put it down so had to finish it.  The story centers around Martha and the house she moves into when her father remarries.  She has bad feelings about the house from the beginning and can’t seem to shake them throughout the story.  Her stepbrother also feels the weirdness and together they work to sort it out after their parenst leave on their honeymoon.

Good: The story is descriptive and keeps the reader moving towards the climax.  The author gives just enough of the background story to make the present story creepier.  While it talks about “practical jokes” in the description, there are actually very few of those in the story.

Bad: The author failed to get me intested in Martha or her delimma. The girl seemed too emotional from the very beginning so there was no build-up to help me sympathize with her plight. With so few characters in the story, it wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on and who the killer was.  I remind myself that this is a YA book though so it doesn’t have the interweaving of other storylines in it like an adult book would.  One barely gets to know her parents as they are gone very quickly.

I admit I like YA books because they get right to the action and stay there the entire story without all the frivolity of the adult book.  However, I thought this one could have used a bit more of the background issues dealt with.  I give the book a B-

I received this book from with the stipulation that I would read the entire thing and then write a review.  I am not required to write a positive or negative review and the thoughs here are expressly my own.


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