Why? Why? Why?

I am not very far in this book – 60 pages or so – but I have encountered something that makes me go HUMPHF! Why oh why do authors have to include terrorism in a perfectly good book about monsters? Seriously?!? It makes me so mad I want to spit.

Quite frankly, I don’t give a shit about terrorism when it comes to fiction and don’t want it in my books.  This is one reason I refuse to read any type of war or government conspiracy theory books.  I don’t want that little dose of reality finding a thread in my sci-fi – I want to sit back and imagine the story as the characters see it.  Want it to be man against monster not man against man against monster.  I am so disappointed.

You know that the terrorist has to live through most of the upcoming adventures because he will have to be able to set off the bombs he is so carefully planting.  Ugh!  I’d swear profusely if I wasn’t such a lady (quit laughing Jade).

No, it hasn’t diminished my resolve to read the book but I am not happy about it.  If the terrorism begins to take a front seat to the monsters, I will stop reading because, make no mistake, I’m here for the monsters.  If James needed a sub-plot why couldn’t he be more original? Or even put in an earthquake to cut off the main entrance.  Make the child get lost and them have to search for him while he befriends the monsters.  Make the claustrophobic chick go nuts.  Come on, James, anything but fucking terrorists!!!


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