By the way, have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely love my Nook??? I pretty much won’t read a book anymore if it isn’t digital.  Why? Because as my eyes get tired from reading, I can do a click to make the print larger! I love being able to shift between books with the touch of my finger and that all my ebooks are with me if my Nook is (which it always is).  That way if one book is boring or fails to grab me, I can switch to another one with ease.  Yes, it gets on the internet too and lets me write emails, see Facebook, watch videos, etc…etc., but I don’t use those features nearly as much as some people might.  Have to say, I do like the games Sudoku and Mai Jong – sometimes I need a break from reading and these are quite handy.  Just saying…my Nook is FABULOUS!


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