YA Vault

This meme is hosted by Short and Sweet in an effort to showcase some YA novels that have been forgotten or glanced over. So many of us in the YA book blogging community concentrate on the newer releases but
sometimes it’s okay to go back to the older stuff too. Rules are simple:
1.  The book MUST be a YA book (hence the name).
 2.  The book has to be at least one year older than the date you post it (meaning today’s books have to be
published earlier than October 2010)

I finished “Waiting on Helen” this past week which was an old ghost story – I didn’t realize how old until Jade from Chasing Empty Pavements told me.  🙂

Also I read the following book and have to say, I didn’t realize it was as old as it was either.  The re-publish date was 2011 so I thought it was new until I read that it was available in paperback in 1990.  It seems the new format (Nook book) is what made it come out on the “New Releases” list.  I got it from Netgalley which is another reason I thought it was new – I thought they only put out for review new books.  Live and learn I guess.

Both books were well worth reading – giving me a new perspective of YA books.  🙂


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