Duma Key

Duma Key is starting to slow down and is getting rather wordy – I hope this trend doesn’t continue through the rest of the book because I have several hundred pages left to read.

Was going to take the book outside to read for a while in the sun but the dogs didn’t want to go out – don’t know what is up with that, normally they are chomping at the bit to sit outside.  So I went for a drive instead – it was very relaxing.  I don’t know why I feel so exhausted still – I took a three hour nap.

Anyway – back to the book.  I will keep reading it as it has a lot of details about Duma Key which happens to be near Sarasota, FL…my previous home.  I don’t feel homesick for the place unless I start reading about the beaches, the seagulls, boats, and what not.  But oh well – I don’t know that I will ever go down there again though it would be nice at some point.  Colorado is my new point of interest though it doesn’t have the ocean.


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