Teaser Tuesday

The teasers for today appropriately come from the following book:

I have to admit, I laughed at the following and thought of Daniel, my GPS guy:

Pg 14: She was lying.  In horror, Justin realised she was lying.  She wanted him to get back in the car so he could drive off the tracks – even though that would put him in danger.  She was saying it because there was no way for her to leave the car.  For it to leave the car.  The GPS wanted him to risk his life so it wouldn’t get damaged.

pg 34: What Martin had no way of knowing was that Elfirda wasn’t in bed, or even in the cottage, but instead had been tending her cow in the barn, for it had injured its foot.  Nor did he see her come up behind him and bend to pick a rock up off the ground.  The last thing he heard was her crackly voice muttering, “Drat, I killed you once and pushed your body in the stream to rid myself of you.  Why would I want to say good-bye again?”

Some of the stories are good, some aren’t the least bit scary.  My favorite so far is the GPS one – that was a hoot.


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