Duma Key

Here it is, my review of Duma Key by Stephen King.

The book is set down around Sarasota so that part kept me smiling.  I love the way King can describe something so completely that it comes to life in my imagination.  His descriptions and attention to detail are flawless.  He keeps the story building except for a bit in the middle when it becomes a tad bit bogged down in details that didn’t seem all that important.  The book was 517 pages long and could have easily had 100 pages cut out without taking away from the story.

Perce was an evil bitch and while I’m not quite sure how she came to be, I do understand that she was from hell.  Her ship came to take away souls and hope to the living.  She would grant a gift of art to someone only to lure them into her grasp before turning the craft into something terrifyingly evil.  Her first victim in the story is a little girl which I find a bit unforgivable, even for an evil entity.  The girl lives and is the elderly lady in the book later but her losses are more severe than anyone should have to pay.

In modern day times, Edgar, Wireman and Jack are the trio whose job it is to find Perce and send her back to a watery grave.  It takes a long time to get to the conclusion which seems to wrap up rather quickly but still was good.  Along the way, some of the characters lost/killed hurt my sense of propriety but it is King so not much you can do about that.

In all I give the book a B+ – it was A material until it got bogged down halfway through as it took all my willpower to keep reading it.  It was worth wading through though and the ending was decent.