The House Next Door

This book is one I waited a whole month to get and read.  It was a source of great anticipation which I found rather amusing because it isn’t a new release.  In fact, I saw the movie for it years ago and never knew it was based on a book.

Goodreads describes the book as:

Thirtysomething Colquitt and Walter Kennedy live in a charming, peaceful suburb of newly bustling Atlanta, Georgia. Life is made up of enjoyable work, long, lazy weekends, and the company of good neighbors. Then, to their shock, construction starts on the vacant lot next door, a wooded hillside they’d believed would always remain undeveloped. Disappointed by their diminished privacy, Colquitt and Walter soon realize something more is wrong with the house next door. Surely the house can’t be “haunted,” yet it seems to destroy the goodness of every person who comes to live in it, until the entire heart of this friendly neighborhood threatens to be torn apart.

The book is without a doubt better than the movie but that usually goes without saying, right? I started the book around 3 am this morning and finished it about 10:40 am.  From the first chapter the book grabs you up and keeps you rather spellbound until the end.   The exciting, yet morbid, way the house takes control of people and so thoroughly ruins their lives makes you hungry for more.  Though I knew it was “wrong” to do so, I started rooting for the house even though it was quite evil.

Col and Walt do have quite the problems with the neighbors – I loved how each new neighbor, they were less and less willing to get to know or get involved with because of the misery the previous neighbor had been through.  And  while they love the architect who built the house, they do have to acknowledge, albiet grudgingly, that maybe it takes an evil person to make an evil house.

Their solutions are a bit unorthodox leaving you to assume the ending was inevitable.  Anne did an awesome job with this book and I would highly recommend it to those who have read The Shining or House on Haunted Hill.  I was not disappointed with this book – I am so pleased to say that again, finally, about a book.  What a good read and one I will be thinking about over the next month as I write my own horror stories.  I give the book an A!