It’s Sunday, what is in your mailbox?

It is Sunday, what is in your mailbox? 

Ha, I’ve been waiting all week to fill this one in because I’m so excited about this month’s purchases:


and I preordered:

 which doesn’t come out till next year.

I have already read the House Next Door, obviously, and reviewed it.  One of my book clubs in Goodreads is reading the first one this month so I got it in hopes that I could participate in the discussion there.  It is the Stephen King book club.  I’ve promised my son I would read the Gunslinger so that is on the list as well.

Have no idea what I will start reading next as this is Nano month and I don’t want to fall behind in my writing.  Of course I’ll be reading Nightmare and Dreamscapes but other than that, I don’t know what I’ll be reading.  Funny how it seemed like I bought so many books but yet, there really isn’t that many there, is there?

I also got Steals and Deals (books under $3):


One thought on “It’s Sunday, what is in your mailbox?

  1. Yay you got Kindred!!! I hope you love it! The Lantern and A Monster Calls are both on my TBR list! Awesome that you go them! You will have to let me know what you think of them!

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