Pumpkinhead 1 & 2

How did I miss these little gems in the horror flick world? I’m amazed that they never darkened my door until tonight.  Seriously – they are sweet little horrors.  I stumbled upon them by accident actually while looking at Lance Henriksen’s movies.  It is amazing how many movies he has been in.  He is young in this one and not all that bad looking either.

Pumpkinhead is a demon that can be raised by an old witch who lives in deep in the backwoods of Georgia.  We are talking real hillbilly types.  Lance’s son is accidentally ran over by five teenagers out dirt racing.  The teens leave the scene of the accident except for one who tells Lance it was an accident but Lance doesn’t care – his son is dead and that was that.

He visits the old witch and contracts his soul for revenge.  The old woman conjours up old Pumpkinhead who takes great pleasure in hunting down the teens.  Lance, after the first couple die, realizes the horrible mistake he has made and tries to stop the demon but it is too late – once conjured up, Pumpkinhead doesn’t go away until his job is done.

When a neighboring kid tries to help the remaining teens, Lance decides to take action before the local kid can come to harm.  Lance figures out how to stop Pumpkinhead short of his goal and gives the ultimate sacrifice.

Yes, the movie is cheesy and so very, very predictable but I have to say, it was interesting too.  The creature, Pumpkinhead, is done very well – I wonder who comes up with these things? My monsters are so unoriginal and I often blame the fact that all the monster types have been done already – but then Pumpkinhead comes along with a strange-looking one that is different from the ones before.  Quite cool.

I was glad to see that there were no ways to ward off the Pumpkinhead – no crosses, no garlic, no silver bullets – once conjured up the only way to kill it before it finished its mission is to kill the person who conjoured it up to begin with.   Of course in #2, it is a bunch of very stupid teenagers who first hit the old witch with their car and then the one hits her with a flashlight when she tries to keep them from conjuring up the demon.  The old woman’s house starts on fire due to the kid hitting her and the woman is pulled out by Pumpkinhead who needs to avenge her.  I am still watching it so don’t know how it ends but probably with the old woman’s death and, thereby, Pumpkinhead too.

Netflix, of course, didn’t have the movies available for streaming – why am I not surprised? – so I rented them on Vudu.  Ugh.  Maybe I need a good Pumpkinhead like story for my book.


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