Teaser Tuesday

So we are back to the wonderful teasers for Tuesdays.  I do enjoy them.  🙂

Today’s teaser comes from:


I know it isn’t a book I’m reading right now but I’ve had a bad 30 days so decided I get to do whatever I want…um, that and it is my blog, afterall.

Pg 320: And so, staring down at the corpse of Mrs. Massey, he had been frightened but not completely terrified.  It was not completely unexpected.  Terror came when she opened her eyes to disclose blank silver pupils and began to grin at him.  Horror came when she had started to get out and come after him. He had fled, heart racing, and had not felt seafe even with the door shut and locked behind him.

Pg 352: He suddenly felt closed in and claustrophobic; he wanted to get out.  He wante the Overlook back the way it had been…free of these unwanted guests.  His place was not honored, as the true opener of the way;He was only another of the ten thousand cheering extras, a doggy rolling over and sitting up on command.

Pg 428: “You’re a mask,” Danny said. “Just a false face.  The only reason the hotel needs to use you is that you aren’t as dead as the others.  But when it’s done with you, you won’t be anything at all.  You don’t scare me.”