Finally Friday

Finally Friday!!

It is finally Friday which – once I get off work – is my day off.  Yippee!  I kept trying to figure out what Friday could be for books – I tried Frightful Friday, Freaky Friday and Friday Funday.  However, none of those really grasped the essence of Friday.  So today I decided mine Fridays are going to be “Finally Friday” because this starts the weekend for most people.

What am I going to discuss on “Finally Friday?” Well, what books I plan to read over the weekend, of course…maybe I’ll do some writing too!

I’m reading two books at the moment – something I don’t usually do but seem to have started since joining Goodreads and writing this blog:


The latter started out quite well but seems to have hit a snag…OK, not a snag…it has hit a damn underwater obstruction as big as the Titanic.  I’m struggling to not only keep interest in it but to keep all the characters straight.  I will give it a couple more chapters – then I’m done if it isn’t better.

The first one I have barely started but like so far.  The print is very small with it and when I raise the font size on my Nook it makes one page several pages long which I find annoying.

I wrote a bit last night and plan to write more today and tonight for Nano.  I also want to spend some time today going over what I have written thus far – so many of the stories are started but not completed.  I do have to say that I had 20 story ideas and so far have only 3 that I have not at least started.   🙂