Can I mention that I am tired of book series? I really want to read stand alone books that I don’t have to worry about getting every one in the series to find out the ending. It gets old. I know they are all the rave but seriously folks – lets get back to writing a complete story in one book, it is harder than it looks. Series should be only for epic books that demand sequels. Don’t keep writing characters and storylines to death because you can’t think of new material. I know, I have a series of short stories called “Into the Darkness” but these are two and three page short stories – not 3 novel length ones.

Let’s use some creativity please.


Stephen King’s Gunslinger Review

Ok, I admit it, I was confused through most of this book and will probably not be reading the rest of the series.

Now that isn’t to say the book wasn’t well done – it was fascinating and King’s descriptions were classic but I couldn’t get into it.  I do think, and I may get slammed for this – that the books were aimed at men not women.

The first sentence is actually quite catching: “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”  It would have been a great starting line to a western and while this could be classified as a western, it would have to be a western of the future not the past.  I couldn’t get into all that world and realm jumping – but the idea is fascinating.

Stephen writes beautifully and his descriptions pull you into the desert with the gunslinger but things get a bit hairy from there.  I think my son might have to explain it more to me but if I need that then, to me, it was written for men by a man who could jump through creative gateways to other dimensions with his writing.

If you are a man, I recommend the book – if not, well read at your own risk.  🙂  I give the book an A for its descriptions and landscape portrayal.  The gunslinger was also well done though his features seemed to remain vague to me – purposefully so? – I don’t know.