The Lantern

Beyond in the rising hills to the east, the first shivers of the Alps heft the land further into the sky. There the fields are corded purple,forever that long-ago summer when she scythed and bent with the other girls, the women, and the elderly to pick lavender flowers for the perfume factory.

While the descriptors are wonderful, it is hard to keep going when each paragraph is like that.  Where is the storyline? I find myself not caring about who did what to home when so far, by page 35, there has been maybe 15 lines of dialogue – the rest has been these kinds of descriptions and now they are wearing kind of thin.

If the book doesn’t pick up soon with the actual storyline, I’m afraid I’m going to have to shelve it for now because it is putting me to sleep.  I was so looking forward to reading this book but seriously, lets get something going soon please! The first pages are supposed to captivate and propel you through the book but this book fails to do that – I’ve found myself reading chapters a couple times to try and figure out what significance they could possibly have to the story.  I come up empty.  There are writers who are like those who love to hear themselves talk – they write on and on when less said would have been more.


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