It’s Monday, what are you reading?

So it is Monday and I am reading something that I hope to get done before I go to bed.  It is:

A Ghost Story

This book so far has been riveting – I am very impressed.  I am more than halfway through and don’t want to put it down to even run to the restroom.  Goodreads describes it as:

A Ghost Story is the saga of the dark fantastic, small town evil, and the courage of a child.

Winchester County was once a great place to live, with its picturesque Willow Lake and the charming town of Ivy Springs, a true Norman Rockwell paradise if there ever was one. But now, the mayor of Ivy Springs, the corrupt and powerful Dexter Scruggs, rules with an iron fist. Mayor Scruggs has become obsessed with gaining custody of his granddaughter, Delaney, no matter what. And if he can’t have her-no one can.

Can a ragtag crew of adults and one supernatural being save young Delaney from the wrath of her crazed grandfather?

A Ghost Story is guaranteed to not be just another campfire tale

The ghost isn’t too pushy, the characters are lovable, and the plot is coming together nicely.  I put off reading this book because I didn’t think the above description sounded all that great – guess it is a good lesson to not always go by the description of a publisher.  I am going to be anxious to review this one!


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