This is the way I feel

Saw this picture and thought – ‘yep, this is the way I feel this month’.  Seems like it has been very busy.  I did finish my Goodreads challenge to read 80 books this year.  I actually have read 83 so far but don’t want to up the limit again – it is nice to see the challenge at 105% complete. 🙂


Teaser Tuesday

So it is Tuesday and you know that means I have to give you a couple quotes.  I don’t think it will be hard.  I’m picking the book I just finished.

pg 18: Not once did he ask himself why someone would lure him deeper into the woods.  Common sense was not reserved for those with such perverted beliefs. 

pg 24: That was the big thing about life, wasn’t it? One chance, succeed or fail.  Sometimes you didn’t even get that first chance, and life being life, didn’t apologize or even seem to care. Then sometimes, when it felt like bein unecessarily cruel, it laughed.  It laughed at you with the sick laugh of lunatics.  You could run and you could hide, but when life wanted you to here its laugh, there would be no choice.  It would be heard.

Good book!!