Finally Friday

This is how I feel today – frazzled.  Love this picture!

Well, it is “finally Friday” my pets and the first holiday is history.  I read this morning on the internet that today makes the beginning of the official “countdown to Christmas”.   I thought it started a month or so ago but hey, whatever.  Some people start counting down to the next Christmas before New Year’s is past.

Once again I find myself unprepared for Christmas.  Why do I do this to myself every year? I don’t even start thinking about presents until December – should have started months ago.  But oh well – it is what it is.

I must confess, as Nano draws to a close I am getting rather tired of ghost stories – both reading and writing them.  So December is going to have less ghosts and more strangeness where books are concerned.  So the two books I hope to  start today or tonight are: