Teaser Tuesday

It’s Teaser Tuesday and my teasers come from:

I wanted to do Jurassic Park but my book is not in the bookcase for some reason.  I don’t remember loaning it out to anyone.  Oh well.

Pg 193: Thorne was looking at the tree, and saw a single dinasaur hop out into view.  It was rather slender, agile on its hind legs, balancing with a stiff tial.  It was six feet tall, green-brown with dark-red stripes, like a tiger.  “That,” Malcom said, “is a velociraptor.”

pg 373: Still screaming, Dodgson felt himself carried  back into the jungle.  High branches of trees lashed his face.  The hot breath of the animal whooshed in snorts over his body.  Saliva dropped onto his torso.  He thought he would pass out from terror.

The first book is way better than the second but both are worthwhile.


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