Live and Let Die

Tried to watch this James Bond movie on Netflix but something is wrong with the picture – it was all jerky like it was showing every two frames instead of every frame.  Very weird – it has never done that before.  Switched over to the Man with the Golden Gun – it wasn’t one of my favorites but oh well.  I wonder if it is the old movies that has this problem or what cause this one seems to be a bit strange too. Gives me a headache.

Made homemade pizza – we were talking about it at work today and it sounded good so I ran to the store.  It is in the oven now.  Apparently I forgot how to make homemade pizza – I put all the toppings on except the cheese and realized I hadn’t put the pizza sauce on yet.  LOL.  At least I realized it before I put the cheese on.

Which James Bond movie has the guy who has the pool full of sharks? I can’t seem to remember.

Well, the pizza was amazing – figured it would be but it exceeded my expectations even.  I would have loved to have three pieces instead of just two but my stomach would not allow it.  I didn’t even eat the crusts – the dogs did.


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