Teaser Tuesday

Tuesday came around so fast again! Hard to believe! So my teaser’s today are from: 

Pg 363: She didn’t like the idea that her life had been funneled inexorably to this tiny spot on the surface of the earth, at this minute among the trillions of minutes that composed the flow of history.  That concept left her feeling helpless, adrift.

Pg 405 – He and Amy exchanged looks, and although it wasn’t easy to read his expression in the green light, Amy knew that Buzz felt the same way about it as she did.  Richie couldn’t possibly be alive.  There wasn’t one chance in a million that he would ever smile at them again.  Richie was dead, gone, forever.

I know this reveals that “Richie” dies but he isn’t germain to the story, more of a bit character thrown in for the sole purpose to kill off.

In trying to find the right teasers for this post, I have finished the book.  LOL.  Now I will have to find some time to write the review.  First, though, I have to eat something – it has been 16 hours since I last did.  I get way too involved in what I’m reading.


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