Single White Psychopath Seeks Same


Since I finished the book that I originally wrote the teasers for, I feel it is necessary to offer up something different.  The following teasers are from the book:

Pg 1: Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you just know it’s going to be the kind of day where you end up tied to a chair in a filthy garage while a pair of tooth-deprived lunatics torment you with a chainsaw.  So as I struggled against the ropes, I can’t say I was all that surprised.

Pg 5: Before long I was free and the bad guys were being loaded into an ambulance.  I picked up the statement they’d planned to read me, curious as to their motive.  “Andrew Mayhem we hate u now you going 2 die”.  Great.  Sherlock Holmes got Moriarty; I got these guys.

I’m not really going to read the book now – I’m going to work on another one plus write – but I couldn’t help reading the first dozen pages.  🙂


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