Teaser Tuesday

Here we are, back to Teaser Tuesday.  Today’s teaser has to come from the book that currently has me so fascinated I expect to finish it tonight.

This book is interesting and humorous though I can’t say it is as good as Wolf Hunt just yet.  I need to get further into it to make that decision.

pg 28: I had to fight tears of my own as I realized that Roger was probably dead.  I mean, was I really supposed to believe that I could just say “Scout’s Honor” and be released?  Even if my captor really did intend to let me go, nobody could be stupid enough to trust that I would simply return to my everyday life like nothing happened, not without proof that Roger was still alive.

pg 33: “What in God’s name were you thinking?” she demanded.  “What kind of sick, twisted, demented, deviant thoughts were running through your minds to make you agree to do that? I absolutely cannot believe that the main I married, the father of my children, would do something so appalling!”

Helen took several deep breaths.  “Okay, look, I am so mad at you right now that I can’t possibly verbalize it without an aneurysm, but we’re not going to get into that right now.  You’ve had an incredibly traumatic experience and I don’t want to make things worse for you.  But once you’re healed, things are going to be very bad for you.”


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