Happy New Year thoughts…

Most of us are spending time today reflecting over the year that is quickly coming to a close.  We have had good times in 2011 and there have been bad.  Some of us will be heaving a heavy sigh of relief when 12:01 arrives while others will tearfully say goodbye to perhaps the best year of their lives thus far.

As I sit here, I was thinking how life can be compared to a stream such as the one in the photo above.  We all have a source we start out from and travel a ways on our own.  But soon we are meeting up with rivers (friends) and we move on together for miles and miles.  The way is not always easy.  Sometimes there are small waterfalls (hurdles) which seem a breeze to get over but other times it seems like there is such a long way to fall with the bigger challenges in our path.

Sometimes a dam is in our way and it seems like it takes FOREVER for us to find our way through to the other side where we can bubble along happily again.  Along the way, some of the rivers we met up with early on decide to veer off and go another exciting way (K’rae) and we wish them well as we continue our journey.

Eventually, we all reach the big oneness with our world and society in general.  We will be free of banks and know ourselves so well that we are finally able to relax and just BE.

2011 had many hurdles for me ~ I will not shed a tear at its passing.  My eyes are set on the horizon ~ on the new things to come.  2012 fills me with tentacles of possibility, hope and optimism.  Thank you all who visit me on the pages of this blog.  May 2012 be a fantastic, dream-realizing year for each of you!


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