It’s Monday, what are you reading?

This is an owl at the MacBride Raptor Center.  He is so beautiful but was in an accident where he lost his left eye and suffered wing damage so now he calls the raptor center home.  I like going out there to see the different birds – hawks, falcons, eagles, turkey vulture, owls, as well as many others.    If you are ever around Iowa City, I recommend visiting there (preferably on a warm day).

So it is Monday, what are you reading?  I am reading:

Yeah, I know, another Jeff Strand but the fact that he made the effort to add a comment to the last post on this blog sold me on starting the new year with his book.  I’m almost halfway through and I know from the way it is heading and other people’s reviews that it is not going to end well.

Without giving too much away, I will say that my heart goes out to the animal ~ not the boy.  In fact, I don’t like the boy much at all and I realize part of the way he is comes from bullying and parents who were distant – but I came from all that too and I didn’t end up killing people.  Owen the Monster does what any animal would do – he eats, sleeps and waits for his friend to visit much the way my dogs wait for me to come home from work each day.

The boy, so far, is cold and calculating – a serial killer in the making.  Of course, as I said, I’m not quite halfway through so maybe it will shift here in a bit.

This reminds me of a story in Florida where a man fed the alligator in his pond and thought of it as a “pet in the wild”.  Florida has strict laws about feeding alligators or other wildlife but people are too stupid to listen.  The man decided to stop feeding the gator because the economy was getting him down or whatever but then he was incensed when the alligator dared to eat his little dog.  What did he think would happen? The gator was put down – something that pissed me off royally.

Obviously I have strong feelings on the matter.   When I read the above, it sounds like I am not liking the book and that is not true – it is well written, well done and would make a fine movie someday.  But I also know I’m not going to like the ending…come on, Jeff, couldn’t an alien ship come down and whisk Owen back to his own home far, far away?  Owen could phone home or something…sigh.

I’m looking forward to reading:

because no matter how cute and cuddly the author makes the ants, I will not shed a tear if they all die.  Yes, my love of nature does not cover fire ants…after a few trips to the hospital when I lived in FL, I find I cringe whenever I see an ant even here in Iowa.  Shortly after I moved back, I was sitting outside with my son when I saw an ant on my leg.  My son fell out of his chair laughing when I jumped up squealing while dancing a jig and swiping at the ant….something one had to do quite often in FL. 🙂


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