Ice Hunt pre-review

I am sorry to say that this book is very hard to get into.  Surely we will get to the actual ice station and monster at some point…won’t we? I don’t care about the politics that went into making the Grendal, I want to know what monster is on it and how soon is it going to start attacking people???  All this get to know the characters crap is boring – especially when half of them will probably die at some point.

I know, I know…write my own damn story if I think I can do better.

In the book they have found the Grendal but aren’t really doing much with the discovery yet.  A submarine full of military personnel from Germany is on its way to the ice station with orders to kill everyone who is in the vacinity because they want to keep their war secrets that are on the station.  The station was meant as a German military submarine station and what not back in the world war days.

Something terrible happened on the Grendal and it was abandoned.  Through the use of different sonars that they explain but I could care less about, the people in the research sub that finds Grendal can “see” dead bodies inside.  Then something moves so now they know there is something alive there.

The military has boarded the Grendal and disposed of the bodies but no one has seen whatever is alive down there yet.  As people rush towards the station, I expected bad things to happen to the boarding crew but so far nothing.  The military of different countries are working hard to kill the others headed that way in a volly to be the one to obtain ownership of it first.  Whatever.  The main male and female are still several hundred miles away and aren’t even aware yet that they are heading towards the Grendal.

I want more action – so far there hasn’t been that much.  The talk about governments and their corruption is an old story – we all know governments of every country are only out for themselves with very little regard for their own people.  I’d rather not read about it in my science-fiction book about monsters.  Sigh.

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