It’s Friday!

Coffee…check….soda…check…Advil…check…more coffee…double check.  It is going to be one of those kind of nights, I can tell it already.  My neck is so stiff I can barely turn my head and I’ve got a headache that won’t stop.

The weather here in Iowa has been unseasonable to say the least.  Normally we are having highs in the twenties and lows in the single digits but today got up into the 50’s.  I took the dogs for a walk down at the river trail wearing just a t-shirt.  Oh come on, get your mind out of the gutter.  We had a great walk which left the doggies exhausted.

It is about time to get ready to go – I have a few errands to run before I get to work.

Tonights book for work is:

The first chapter held my interest and kept the adventure up as the first team who went into the house to explore met their fate.  A new team is being formed and will enter the house shortly.  I’m really hoping this is a good book – not another disappointment.

I have not read this author before so this book will decide if I check out others of his…providing he has written others.

My friend wants me to go to Chicago with her in April to one of the many writing conventions going on there.  I am considering it but have two issues going at the moment – one, money and two, I loathe big crowds.  Seriously, I get so claustrophobic I can’t breathe when I’m surrounded by a lot of people indoors.  This keeps me from doing many things like concerts, football and basketball games, pretty much any large event.

She thinks, and is probably right, that conventions help a writer learn more about their craft plus puts them in touch with other writers, agents and publishers.   I know a lot of writers go to at least one convention a year – guess we shall see if I can afford it or not.

Well, it is getting late and I should already be moving toward getting to work.


One thought on “It’s Friday!

  1. I really do think its a great investment in your future and just the experience. And if for ANYTHING else…a few days to get away from work and life and enjoy the writerly environment it will bring. Also on the crowd thing, I am the same way so we will have to face our fears together because I hate crowds as well. Hopefully this won’t be bad though since there are so many different panels going on and what not. Anyways. I hope you do come with me, I would just love to hang out with you for a day! Love you!

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