The Supernaturals pre-review

Have to say, I am on page 613 of 1362…so not even halfway through this book yet.  Honestly if I had known how many pages the thing was before I got engrossed, I probably wouldn’t have started it.  There are very few books that should ever need that long for the story to be told – it makes me wonder why it took the author so long to get around to the meat of the thing.  Is it because he got too wrapped up in the story or because he got so lost in useless details that he kept droning on and on.

We didn’t meet the real “team” until about 30 pages ago – the others have all been people I cared less about and hope meet a terrible fate in the house.  Really, the characters up till now have been truly worthless and unlikable.  However, now the Kennedy team is put together and they are a way more interesting bunch.  I have already picked out two of my favorites though I think they are both a little whacked.

The book is holding my interest and, for the most part, the story has zipped by so fast that I was surprised when I found I was in the latter part of the 500’s.  I doubt I will finish the book tonight but I will try to.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Supernaturals pre-review

  1. Yikes. 1362 pages? I wouldn’t have blinked twice at that number before I started blogging and getting books from netgalley but now that my TBR list has exploded, I get weary eyed at seeing anything above 350 pages just because I have so many books to read!

  2. I know! The more books I have piling up, the more I like the ones under 250 pages. LOL. I just assumed this one was that short until I went to do a Goodreads update…I’m almost done though – in the latter 900’s so should finish it tonight.

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