Mandibles review

The demented mind behind Graverobbers Wanter (No Experience Necessary) and Single White Psychopath Seeks Same is back with an another outrageous blend of the humorous and the horrific. Extremely large and vicious red fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are on the loose in Tampa, Florida, and those who don’t immediately become ant chow must figure out how to stop this attack before the entire city becomes overrun by the creatures. Whether you love ants, hate ants, or have no real opinion of them as long as they’re not currently stinging you, you’ll love this over-the-top, action-packed, tongue-in-cheek insects-on-the-rampage thriller.

Strand grabs you from the very first chapter and sends you merrily on your way through a story of fire ants out of control in a very large city.  He had me wincing in pain, laughing out loud and absently brushing invisible ants off my arms every few minutes throughout the entire book.  None of the cast is impervious to the ants or the agonizing death they can cause.

The book is filled with humor right along with the macabre – sometimes I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh at the situation or grimace at the gore.  Having lived in Sarasota for years and visiting Tampa quite a bit during that time, I could easily visualize the places he describes as the heroes rush to escape the ants and save the day.

At over 500 pages, I assumed the book would bog down in the middle as so many books do that are over 300 – however, this is not the case.  The book steamrolls through at such a fast clip that you aren’t likely to realize you are halfway through unless something happens to pull your nose up and away from the ereader (or book)…in my case it was having to go to work.

Strand easily delivers on a story that is gaggingly hilarious with such flair that I was disappointed the book ended.  Excellent from the get-go, I have no qualms giving this book an A+ and/or five stars depending on how you rank books.  🙂   It jumped to the second spot behind Wolf Hunt on my Jeff Strand favorites list.



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