Ghost Story

Well, I’m giving up on this book – I can’t seem to get into it at all.  I’m 200 pages in and nothing exciting has happened.  All that has gone on so far is the men talk and think about how they are having nightmares over something that happened decades ago.  They don’t seem to remember what happened, they only know it was bad and that two people are now missing/presumed dead because of it.  There have been no ghosts, no hauntings, etc., and I’m tired of reading about each man’s history and boring lives.

I had high hopes for this book but it will go back in the “maybe someday” pile and stay there for as long as it takes for it to grab my interest again.  Yes, we have to expect a few lemons in the list of good books – it won’t be the first or the last, I’m sure.

Not sure what I will start on next – will have to go through the hundreds I own but have yet to read to see what shakes out.  Man, I love reading!


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