Clickers review


A  literary B-movie monster-fest, Clickers is a cult classic reminiscent of those old fashioned Saturday evening Creature-Features.  When thousands of giant crab-scorpion creatures invade a quiet Maine town, all hell breaks loose. Novelist Rick Sychek joins the residents of Phillipsport, Maine to fight the creatures and save the town. However, something far worse is hunting them…

This book is 907 pages long.  I started it yesterday and finished it today – needless to say, my eyes are a blurred mess.  It takes a pretty great book to get me to read 907 pages within 24 hours…one doesn’t come along every day…or even every month.

It is quite the story – starting off quickly with the clickers arrival to shore and the killing begins.  Those who survive the clickers are exuberant until the Dark Ones start coming ashore.  What is left at the end is hard to believe but also the perfect ending to a B-movie.

I liked the fast pace of the book – how two hundred pages would zoom by before I glanced down at the page number again to see my progress.  I wasn’t as impressed with the Clickers as I was the Dark Ones but then it is hard to think a grown person can’t outrun a crab no matter how big the crab is.  The Dark Ones though are a different matter – they are fast and quickly overtake the humans.  They also are well protected by shells that bullets bounce off of.  Their main weakness is fire and light which makes sense considering they come from the deep ocean.

The story is a little implausible in that the legend of the creatures coming every 400 years seems hookey but whatever.  If there was a scientific explanation on why the ocean currents suddenly change every 400 years, I’d buy it more but no such fact was offered up.

My only complaints about the book come from the fact that several people I liked ended up dying.  It was actually a bit of a surprise who lived but if one looks at it logically, I guess it makes a certain sense.

At any rate, the book is a lot of fun and full of monsters, violence and gore.  Great book, great storyline and fantastic at keeping the pace moving.  Thus the book easily obtains an A  – I’m not sure I will read the sequel since sequels are usually inferior but I will think about it.


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