Jumped the gun

Yes, I jumped the gun about Sunday since today is it instead of yesterday.  It is what happens when you work nights and have very little sleep – the days all mush together.  It is another reason I always carry a calendar with me.  LOL.

Spent hours reading last night before finally taking a nap a little after 9 pm until 1 am.  I had meant to take one from 7-9:30 so I would be rested if work called but I kept putting it off until I came to a stopping point in the book.  It took a while to realize there was no stopping point so I forced myself to do so.  Good thing the Nook lets me make the print bigger because my eyes kept getting blurrier and blurrier the more I read.

So what book is holding my interest so long? I tell you, it is over 900 pages and I’m already in the 600’s! The book is:

Gonzalez says in the Forward section that they wrote the book to read like an 80’s horror flick – they manage it very well! I’m thoroughly enjoying the book!  Though it is longer than I like, the pages are turning so fast with continuous action that I don’t even notice.

The book was in my “recommendations” section of Goodreads and based on the other Creature Features I have read. I’m surprised for as old as the book is that I’ve never heard of it until now.  What fun!


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