Teaser Tuesday

Today’s teasers come from

Pg 49: I could only follow him and smile and remain silent.  It was a hard, a bitter week, the days passed so slowly, and all the time I was in a state of dread. I felt isolated within an invisible cell, where I suffered and feared and could only wait, helplessly.  My love for my dear husband had turned to a terrible thing, a desperation, a passionate, fearful clinging desire to possess and hold and keep.  I did not want to let him out of my sight and when he was within in, I looked and looked at him in case I forgot him.  How strange that must sound.  But it is true.  I was possessed by fear and dread.

Pg 71: I have to leave this wretched story and go out again.  I will go mad until I find her.  Because I saw the woman, the woman in the white silk mask with the white plumes in her hair, the woman in the story, the woman desperate for revenge.  I believ ein her now.  I have see.  Why she would want to harm Anne, I have no idea, but she is the destroyer of happiness, one whom even death cannot stop in her desire to haunt and hurt.

Great novella!


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