OMG! I have been working with this for TWO hours!  My Nook suddenly wouldn’t connect to my laptop or download a book I preordered.  This started AFTER my Nook automatically updated to the newest, greatest software version.

I went to the Nook technical support and the guy tells me to “deregister & register” my device.  After I hit the button he tells me to – he says “Oh, by the way, that will delete all the books off your Nook”.  There were SEVERAL books I had highlights of passages and bookmarks – yep, all gone.

God what a mess! My wireless, which connected perfectly on the first day, suddenly wouldn’t connect so I spent FOREVER working on that.  I finally got it to work after a long time and several cuss words later.   Now I have to individually download ALL 197 books again and that doesn’t count the ones I uploaded myself – over 400 books!!  I am about ready to scream!

I absolutely LOVE my Nook and this is the first time I have ever had any problems with it so I can’t really complain.  It just irritates me that they automatically downloaded a software update that totally screwed my system.  I still don’t know if the original problem of being able to connect to my laptop or not because it is still downloading books.  Man I am so frustrated! I also need some caffeine but only have coffee and tea.  I drank a cup of coffee and my headache got worse…go figure.

Damn, what an aggrevation I didn’t need today!


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