The Shadowing: Skinned review

Goodreads offers the following for description:

Black Annis smiles. Her pointed teeth do not gleam; they are black with age and the bloodstains of her victims. She looks up at the human child — surely meant to be in bed and asleep. Some things don’t change. Every hundred years the gateway opens between their world and ours. A human coven has joined forces with the dark beings of the Netherworld. Evil is growing. And Callum is caught in the middle. The Shadowing has begun . .

I have waited months for this book to come out.  It is the sequel to “The Shadowing: Hunted” which is the first in The Shadowing series by Adam Slater.  I finally gave in and bought it for the Kindle reader on my laptop as it hasn’t become available on the Nook yet.

The book is YA fiction which means that the exhaustive details about locations and histories are absent.  This is not a bad thing – I can see how it works to keep a young person interested with its non-stop action.  Callum must face the Hag in this story of the struggle between the Netherworld and our reality.  Every hundred years the gateway between the two weakens allowing some demons to scurry through.  Callum’s job as a chime child is to keep our side of the gateway demon free which means he must face and defeat the Hag.

Melissa, a friend of Callum, and Jacob, the born dead boy, help Callum in his quest to hunt down the Hag before she devours so many human children that she becomes too strong for them to destroy.  Doom, the hell hound, is always by his master’s side ready to pounce on anyone who threatens Jacob.

The Hag is a fabulously creepy demon though I must say the one in the first book bothered me more.  Still, Black Annis was not someone to trifle with, as Callum soon finds out.

So my review – the book is great.  I enjoyed it almost as well as the first one but it did lack the umpf that the original (and usually all originals) had.  This is, of course, because I already know Callum’s powers and the story of the Shadowing – the foundation of the series – so it seemed to lack a bit of imagination.  However it is gory and rather disconcerting.  It makes me appreciate that while there is inherent evil in the world, we don’t encounter the kind of that comes from our imaginations – they are far worse.

Enjoyed the read – it went by very quickly.  I was disappointed the Kindle for the PC did not allow me to highlight things I wanted to remember – one of the sentences that I particularly liked was:

As Callum reached the woods, he saw that the trees were white with frost, standing in quiet ranks like an army of dead soldiers.   Wow, such imagery and vividness!

I give the book an A though caution those who have a weak constitution to avoid it due to the high gore factor.  🙂


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