Barnes and Noble

The new cord for my Nook came today – it worked perfectly which made me very happy.  I will treat it with more respect now that I know how fragile it is.

My Nook has cracked in two places.  They are tiny cracks that don’t affect the usage or performance of the Nook – but I don’t like that it has them.  I stopped at B&N to get a silicone frame and pouch to store it in.  I couldn’t find the frame but did find the pouch so took it to the cashier.  I asked her about the frame and she said they don’t sell them.  I told her I saw them on the website to which she said I must have been on the wrong site because B&N does not offer frames for the Nook.  Tried twice to tell her that they not only sell a silicone one but also a hard-shelled one but she would not buy it.

Came home and looked it up – yes, they do sell it on their website.  I bought one which should arrive next week sometime.  The silicone pouch sure doesn’t feel like it offers all that much protection – I might take it back and buy a padded bag of some sort for it.  This pouch doesn’t have openings for anything so it is mostly for transporting it – which is fine if I have the silicone frame going but then I read that the silicone frame won’t fit inside the pouch once I have it on.  Go figure.  I may have to take the pouch back.  I love my Nook and need it to be protected the best way possible.  They make a hard shell for it but it was more expensive, added weight to the Nook, and wouldn’t fit in the pouch either.

Amazon has a hard-shelled pouch that would fit my Nook – I’m tempted to take the silicone one back and buy the Amazon one.  I am seriously concerned about my Nook and keeping it safe.  I bought the purse I have because my Nook fit inside but it is inside the purse that it is getting cracked so obviously something isn’t working.  Really want to make sure it is protected no matter what.  If I buy the Amazon case, it won’t fit in the purse – I don’t know – guess I will have to look for a new purse too.


2 thoughts on “Barnes and Noble

  1. My son said I needed to return my Nook for a new one because I’ve had it less than a year and it is cracked in two places. I told him I was attached to it – cracks and all. LOL. I expect to upgradeto the tablet in 2013 or so. 🙂 I promised myself when I bought this one last year that I wouldn’t jump to every new upgrade for the first two years. I asked the clerk at B&N at the time and he said no new ones were due out for a few years anyway…guess he was misinformed about the tablet being released.

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