Thriller Thursday

It is that time again for Thriller Thursday.  I have to say, I’m trying to get my Yeti story finished so reading isn’t coming along as well as it should.  I’m still five books ahead for my goal of 100 books this year so I’m not in a panic yet.

Currently, I am reading:

The book is going very slowly – but James often starts out that way and then picks up speed.  Sometimes wading through the slow stuff proves too daunting for me but I am trying because James is a great author.

In part the story is about an expedition that went into the Amazon four years earlier and was lost without a trace.  Suddenly the leader of the expedition shows up at a monastery where he dies and is sent back to America.  The subject was from army intelligence so the military community takes note of his return and death.  What prompts a new expedition, however, is that when the leader went into the Amazon he was minus an arm that was lost in a prior battle but when he emerges four years later, he has grown a new arm complete with his fingerprints.  The new expedition is tasked with finding out how an arm can grow back after being amputated – what is the secret behind the miracle?

My goal is to have the book read by the end of the weekend.  🙂


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