Teaser Tuesday

Today’s teasers are from a book that is not yet available on my Nook.  I keep asking the publisher to make it available because I would love to have it with me always but so far they haven’t listened.  The book is:

This book is one of my all time favorites on life and living the best we can.

pg 57: The way of self-reliance starts with recognizing who we are, what we’ve got to work with, and what works best for us.

pg 99: A way of life that keeps saying, “Around the next corner, above the next step,” works against the natural order of things and makes it so difficult to be happy and good that only a few get to where they would naturally have been in the first place – Happy and Good – and the rest give up and fall by the side of the road, cursing the world, which is not to blame but which is there to help show the way.

pg 111:  That doesn’t mean that the goals we have don’t count.  They do, mostly because they cause us to go through the process and it’s the process that makes us wise, happy, or whatever.

pg 133: When it comes to enjoying life and making use of who we are, all of us can; it’s just that some don’t.

pg 137: Wisdom, happiness, and courage are not waiting somewhere out beyond sight at the end of a straight line; they’re part of a continuous cycle that begins right here.  They’re not only the ending but the beginning as well.


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