It’s Sunday, what’s in your mailbox?

It is that time of week again where we reveal how good or bad we have been on the book buying front.  Did you help keep your local bookstore in business or contribute to them going bankrupt by not buying anything? I truly wish we had a little local bookstore that had a cafe with wi-fi inside – I’d spend a lot of time and money there.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Barnes and Noble, but sometimes I want the atmosphere propagated by the library system rather than the raucous sounds of the crowd B&N normally has.

Let me say, I didn’t do much to keep B&N in business but here is what I have purchased this week:


This coming week I will be way too busy to purchase any books but the week after that I have four days off for my birthday and I’m going up on one of the days to the half priced bookstore in Cedar Rapids.  I have a small list of books I loved that I want to get in hardbound so figured it was a good place to start looking.  🙂

What was in your mailbox??


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