Beware review

This is a book I started last night and finished tonight at work – I was too tired to finish the 40 pages today so wrapped it up a few minutes ago.

Goodreads describes it as:

An invisible killer is chasing reporter Lacey Allen across Arizona, and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Rather brief, isn’t it? Let me add a few things.  Lacey is a young woman living in a small town in Arizona.  She has gone about her business without incident for years but all of that changes one night when a harried woman sits down by her at the bar and asks if she believes in ghosts.  Intrigued, the woman, a male friend of hers and Lacey decide to go visit the market which the woman owns and believes has suddenly sprouted a ghost.

They are scared away from the market when a meat cleaver comes flying at them barely missing their heads.  Several events happen after that fateful night and eventually the body count is piling up all around young Lacey.  She finds in short order that the “ghost” is really an invisible man who she knew in high school.  The man was made invisible from a voodoo ritual with the understanding that, once invisible, he would become an assassin for the black magic group.

Along the way, Lacey picks up a few new friends who help her escape the killer time and time again but it is hard to keep an invisible man secured. 

I found the book interesting but it lacked the punch Laymon’s books are famous for.  Several times I found myself rolling my eyes because no one in their right mind would do the stupid things the characters did.  Seriously, if I was being chased by an invisible sex-crazed maniac killer, I think I wouldn’t hesitate blowing the asshole away the first chance I got.  One scene I swear was put in there just so the killer could rape the two remaining females in the story.

The ending was less than climatic which was a little disappointing but I’m not sure how I expected it to end.  It seemed like, after all the destruction and murder the killer had done, his death should have been a bit more colorful and inventive. 

I do recommend this book if you like the whole idea of voodoo and what a person who suddenly becomes invisible might do.  However, I feel I must warn most that the novel is very graphic both in the death and rape scenes so if you are squeamish or prone to nightmares, you might want to skip this one.  I give the book a solid B.


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